Franchise players? NBA sophomore class full of rising stars

Franchise players? Luka Doncic, Deandre Ayton, Trae Young part of NBA's sophomore class of rising starts

Chinese fans miffed at NBA, but not enough to…

Chinese fans in Shenzhen miffed at NBA, but not enough to miss exhibition game between the Los Angeles Lakers and the Brooklyn Nets

Rockets focused on basketball after fallout from…

In their first practice since a trip to Asia overshadowed by the aftermath of a tweet on the protests in China about Hong Kong by general manager Daryl Morey, the Rockets were looking to move ahead and insisted they wouldn't let it distract them

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Anthony Davis' MRI reveals only thumb sprain, Lakers say

Los Angeles Lakers big man Anthony Davis is day-to-day with a sprained right thumb

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Cavaliers visit owner Dan Gilbert, recovering from stroke

The Cavaliers visited team owner Dan Gilbert, who is recovering at home after suffering a stroke in May

The Lakers-Nets series in China ends _ quietly, again

'Not what anyone expected': The NBA's preseason trip to China comes to a very quiet end

Nationalism over NBA fandom: Fans support 'motherland' China

The patriotic fervor buoyed by Chinese companies suspending their NBA partnerships followed a celebration marking 70 years of Communist Party rule