4 students shot at block party near Clark Atlanta…

A shooting at a block party near Clark Atlanta University has left four college students injured with non-life-threatening gunshot wounds as a crowd scrambled for cover

Authorities: 3 people put body in river to hide drug death

Authorities have arrested three people who they say weighted down the body of woman and put her in a southern Iowa river to conceal her drug overdose death

Trial to start in case of fatal shooting over…

A prosecutor told jurors a Florida man who fatally shot an unarmed black man during a dispute over a parking space had initiated a similar confrontation just months before

The Latest: Vatican to wait before investigating…

The Vatican says it will let Cardinal George Pell exhaust all his appeals of his sexual abuse convictions in Australia before taking up his case in its own canon law investigation

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Police arrest man accused of shooting man outside synagogue

Police say they've arrested a man who reported his gun stolen from a getaway car in the shooting of a 68-year-old man outside a Miami-area synagogue

Amazon rainforest sees worst ever wildfires

Smoke from the fires caused a blackout in Sao Paulo, more than 2,700km (1,700 miles) away.

The Latest: Merkel says Irish border is key Brexit issue

German Chancellor Angela Merkel says the main stumbling block with Britain's departure from the European Union can be removed if a "practical solution" is found for the Irish border issue

Tennessee abortion waiting period lawsuit headed for trial

Opponents to a Tennessee law requiring women to wait 48 hours before undergoing the procedure argue that such restrictions help perpetuate outdated gender stereotypes

Portuguese truckers plan new strike, risking gas…

Portuguese tanker truck drivers have announced a new walkout, just days after returning to work and resuming talks with employers in a pay dispute

Omaha zoo euthanizes white rhino that arrived in 1999

The Omaha zoo has euthanized one of its white rhinos

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Walmart Blames Tesla Solar Panels for 7 Store…

"To state the obvious, properly designed, installed, inspected, and maintained solar systems do not spontaneously combust," a Walmart lawsuit against Tesla states. The retail giant says solar panels installed on store rooftops caused at least seven fires between 2012 and 2018, reports Reuters . The lawsuit filed in New York State...

White House Makes Its Move Against Flores…

The Flores agreement was put into place during the Clinton administration; the Trump administration is now formally trying to replace it. The federal consent decree has since 1997 put parameters around the detention of migrant children and teens. The new rule the Department of Homeland Security and the Department of...

Family: Before Girl Was Mauled, Dad Argued With…

The fatal mauling of a 9-year-old girl in Detroit came just a week after her father argued with the dogs' owner about the need to properly contain them. Emma Hernandez was riding her bike in an alley behind her home Monday when three pit bulls attacked. Emma's aunt tells ClickonDetroit...

Man set to be executed for killing of Texas…

A Texas death row inmate is set to be executed for the abduction, rape and killing of a suburban Houston college student more than 20 years ago, even though he maintains that he is innocent and argues that his conviction was based on junk science

Rebels claim downing US drone over Yemen

Yemen's Houthi rebels claim they shot down a U.S. drone over the country's north

Washington state grand jury indicts witness in homicide case

Washington state grand jury charges witness with lying as part of 18-year-old investigation into shooting death of assistant U.S. attorney

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What to do with your old phone

Unwanted devices can contain elements that the world is running out of - so how can you help?