Plane Hits Alaska Mountain, and Everybody SurvivesJuly 11, 2018 10:39am

Tuesday was a lucky day for a pilot and 10 passengers in Alaska—or at least as lucky as any day that involves a crash into Mount Jumbo is going to get, the Anchorage Daily News reports.

Everybody aboard the float-equipped de Havilland Otter survived the crash on Prince of Wales Island and only minor injuries were reported. The Taquan Air plane crashed into a mountainside 2,000 feet up after picking up the 10 passengers at a fishing lodge near Ketchikan.

US Coast Guard Petty Officer Charly Hengen says a helicopter winched the pilot and passengers to safety, the AP reports. "This could have been bad," she says.

"Thankfully, it was a good outcome. Even though these people did sustain some injuries, we are very thankful that all are alive and that we were able to get to them quickly even with the weather conditions."

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